Cooking & Foods

  • Cake Decorating

    The Beginning Cake Decorating class will focus on buttercream decorations and the proper method of buliding cakes. The Intermediate Cake Decorating class will explore more advanced techniques and flowers, including royal icing. Please see the supply list online and prepare to bring home delicious and beautiful treats.

  • Chinese And Asian Cooking

    Features often-requested recipes. Learn how to make your favorite Asian dishes using traditional recipes and techniques adapted for the American kitchen.

  • Cooking - Chocolate

    Cooking - Chocolate

  • Cooking, Yes I Can!

    Easy, simple, delicious recipes for cooks of all ability levels. Impress your family and friends. This term you can explore Easy Itallian, Soups and Sandwiches, Easy Mexican, and Easy American Favorites.

  • Discovering World Cuisines

    Discovering World Cusines

  • International Vegetarian Cooking

    An emphasis will be placed on meatless meals from cultures which have historically avoided the use of meat, for religious or other reasons. Also, meatless variations of international favorites will be offered. The use of meat substitutes such as textured vegetable protein (TVP), gluten meats, and tofu products, including seltan, will be introduced.