• Adobe

    From Photoshop Elements to Adobe CS5 Suite. Click on the course title to find out more detailed information about the class.

  • Excel

    The focus for beginning Excel users is basic skills. You will start by creating simple spreadsheets, entering and editing data, selecting cells and ranges, printing worksheets, creating formulas and functions, formatting individual cell contents, applying themes to the entire spreadsheet, and creating charts.

  • Google Applications

    Learn to manage email, office documents, web sites, calendars, photo albums, and video galleries. These tools are powerful, free, and allow users to collaborate in real-time. Prerequisite: Must be able to use a web browser.

  • Introduction To Personal Computers (PC)

    A hands-on class recommended for beginners with little or no experience using computers.

  • iPad

    You don't know what you don't know about your iPad. From simple tips and tricks to downloading the most used apps, this class is for you. Bring your fully charged iPad to class and you will be amazed at how much you can do. This class is NOT for tablets.

  • Macintosh Computers

    Topics include navigating the MAC; using the system preferences; using, adding, and managing applications; setting up your MAC to maximize efficiency; document management, structure, and backup; setting up a printer; burning CDs and DVDs; and iCal, iPhoto, and iTunes.

  • QuickBooks Beg

    Discover how to setup a company from scratch, work with bank accounts, sales and invoices, receive payments, deposits, sales tax, and inventory. Basic knowledge of Windows and bookkeeping concepts is required. Bring a USB flash drive to first class.

  • Web Page Design

    WordPress powers millions of blogs and websites worldwide. Learn to setup and manage your own self-hosted WordPress website. Create and publish posts and pages, customize your website using themes, widgets, and custom menue, add functionality with plug-ins, and much more. Purchase of web hosting is optional. Prerequisites: Must be familiar with web browsers and managing computer files.

  • Windows

    Master files and folder management, multitasking, shortcuts, control panel, Windows Explorer; customize your desktop and start menu; and update Windows.